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10% on Creality K1 Max 3D Printer

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Deal Score+3
809.1 $899 Buy It Now
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Update - 2024.04.12We found that you can buy some combos:

  • Save $149.00 when you purchase the essential combo today for only $950  (K1 Max 3D Printer, K1/K1 Max nozzle kit, Two rolls of hyper filaments)

🚀 Introducing the Creality K1 Max: Defy Limits with Unparalleled Speed and Innovation! 🚀

Get ready to embark on a new dimension of 3D printing with the Creality K1 Max – a game-changer that takes your creativity to unprecedented heights. With an array of cutting-edge features, this printer redefines what’s possible in the world of rapid prototyping and design. Let’s delve into the extraordinary capabilities that make the K1 Max a true innovation powerhouse:

12X Faster, Unleash the Speed: The K1 Max defies all expectations by reaching an astounding 600mm/s in just 0.03 seconds, thanks to its impressive 20000mm/s² acceleration. Imagine the possibilities as it outpaces traditional 3D printers, delivering output equivalent to multiple machines combined. Whether at the Creality Lab or in your own workspace, the K1 Max accelerates your creative journey, achieving exceptional speed and efficiency.

🌱 Eco-Friendly Innovation: Beyond its remarkable speed, the K1 Max embraces sustainability. Its swift printing drastically reduces energy consumption while maintaining high output, making it an environmentally conscious choice for passionate creators like you. It’s not just about efficiency; it’s about a greener approach to crafting.

🎨 Nimble Setup, Agile Performance: The K1 Max combines the nimble Core XY design with a lightweight 190g printhead, minimizing motion inertia and ensuring agile, precise movements. This printer doesn’t just print – it dances to your creative tune.

🔥 Maximized Flow, Flawless Execution: With a state-of-the-art ceramic heater encircling the hotend, the K1 Max rapidly heats to 200℃ in just 40 seconds, delivering instantaneous filament melting. The dual-gear direct extruder ensures robust extrusion force, while the titanium alloy heatbreak and hardened steel nozzle tackle temperatures up to 300℃.

🌀 Dual-Fan Model Cooling: Precision meets perfection with dual fans cooling the model directly. An 18W auxiliary fan in the build chamber enhances cooling, enabling flawless models with minimal stringing or warping. Say hello to support-free bridges and overhangs!

🏞️ Maximized Space, Infinite Possibilities: Boasting a generous 300x300x300mm build volume, the K1 Max is perfect for rapid prototyping and design verification. Its impressive build volume to printer size ratio of 25.5% makes it the epitome of size efficiency in its class.

🧠 AI LiDAR & Camera Support: Let AI revolutionize your experience. The K1 Max’s 1μm resolution LiDAR scans the first layer independently, pausing printing if any issues arise. An AI camera keeps an eagle eye on your project, detecting potential errors, spaghetti failures, debris, and more. It’s like having a dedicated assistant ensuring perfection.

🚀 Smart System, Unrivaled Performance: Powered by the Creality OS, the K1 Max boasts a user-friendly interface that syncs seamlessly across devices. Its dual-core 1.2GHz CPU ensures high-speed printing, while the 8GB ROM stores up to 400 model files for lightning-fast accessibility.

🌐 Cluster Printing, Unleash the Farm: Connect your K1 Max to your network, and watch the magic unfold. Control and monitor multiple printers from your PC or phone using Creality Print software or Creality Cloud. Embrace volume production like never before!

🏗️ Rigid Frame, Exceptional Quality: The K1 Max’s rigid die-cast aluminum alloy frame enables steady high-speed printing and consistently excellent quality.

🌈 Subtle Texture, Flawless Results: An upgraded Z-axis with enhanced accuracy means reduced Z-banding, ensuring delicate textures like never before.

🌀 Ringing? Not a Problem: The G-sensor in the printhead detects resonance frequencies during high-speed printing, auto-tuning to eliminate ghosting or ringing, leaving you with impeccable results.

🌬️ Motion Advance for Precision: The motion advance function ensures optimal feeding flow, minimizing blobs and oozes for a smoother print experience.

🛠️ Hands-Free Auto-Leveling: Strain sensors in the heatbed generate an accurate leveling mesh for effortless auto compensation.

🔥 Quick-Heating Heatbed: The aluminum alloy heatbed heats uniformly and rapidly, reaching 60℃ in only 90 seconds, ensuring swift and consistent heating.

💡 Smart Self-Testing: A single tap activates the K1 Max’s self-test for extruder, heatbed, camera, fan, leveling, G-sensor, and more. Any anomalies are promptly displayed, empowering you to proceed with confidence.

📦 Flexible Build Plate: Sticky, heat-resistant, and versatile – the K1 Max’s build plate works seamlessly with various filaments, ensuring easy print removal.

With the Creality K1 Max, you’re not just printing; you’re revolutionizing the way you bring ideas to life. Experience speed, precision, and innovation like never before. Unlock the future of 3D printing today!

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