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Unveil Every Detail with Precision: The Affordable and Portable Desktop 3D Scanner

Elevate Your 3D Printing Experience

Introducing a game-changer in 3D scanning – an affordable and portable desktop 3D scanner tailored for 3D printers. With innovative features like binocular scanning, handheld and turntable modes, experience professional-grade accuracy down to an astonishing 0.05mm.

Precision at its Pinnacle – Up to 0.05mm Accuracy
Witness astounding precision with accuracy levels that reach an impressive 0.05mm, ensuring every detail is captured with fidelity.

Seamless Scanning without Markers
Bid farewell to markers as you step into the world of marker-free scanning, streamlining your process and enhancing convenience.

Optimize Models with a Single Click
Simplify your workflow with the power of one-click model optimization, transforming raw scans into refined masterpieces effortlessly.

Scan Even the Darkest Objects
Uncover the secrets of dark objects as this scanner’s prowess extends to scanning black surfaces, ensuring a comprehensive scanning experience.

Versatility in Every Scan – Multi-Mode Scanning
Embark on a scanning journey with multiple modes at your disposal, including handheld and turntable modes, catering to various needs.

Effortless Scanning Even Under Sunlight
Enjoy the flexibility of scanning even under bright sunlight, without compromising on the quality of your scans.

True Colors, True Fidelity
Experience true color fidelity as your scans come to life with vibrant and accurate colors, adding an extra layer of realism to your creations.

The future of 3D scanning is here – a scanner designed to bring every nuance, every intricacy, and every detail to life. Elevate your scanning game with unparalleled accuracy and convenience.

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