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Revamped Motion System for Lightning-Fast Printing
Experience a motion system upgrade with 2000mm/s² acceleration and a remarkable 250mm/s (5 times) printing speed*. Reduce print time by an impressive 70%. Immerse yourself in the exhilarating speed and energy of 3D printing.

Swiftly Bring Your Creative Ideas to Life
From concept to reality, experience the thrill of speedy creation with utmost precision.

Enhanced Efficiency for a Greener Tomorrow
Achieve higher efficiency and embrace an eco-friendly approach to printing.

Unwavering Stability for High-Quality Models
Stand strong in maintaining the quality of your printed models with unwavering stability.

Direct Extrusion Tailored for Flexible Filaments
Easily handle flexible filaments with the adapted direct extrusion mechanism.

Elevated Hotend for High-Temperature Printing
Upgrade to a higher level of printing possibilities with the enhanced hotend for high-temperature materials.

Promptly Obtain Stunning Models
Witness the magic unfold as you swiftly obtain beautifully detailed models.

Delve into High-Temperature Filament Exploration
Embark on a journey of discovery with a diverse range of high-temperature filaments.

Effortlessly Swift Expert-Level Calibration
Achieve expert-level precision in record time with quicker calibration.

Intuitive Touch Screen UI for Simplicity
Navigate seamlessly with the user-friendly touch screen UI for a hassle-free experience.

Print in Countless Ways, Your Way
Discover the freedom to print using multiple methods, catering to your preferences and needs.

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